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All our extensions comes with following features and more unique features. our main goal is to make user's life easier and smarter.


All our extensions comes with productivity features to make your life easier and smarter.

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Our extensions always try to save your a lot of time by processing complex things in less time.


All our extensions are encrypted for security. So all of your privacy data is secured and encrypted.


We let you to take most of the control of the extension for a comfortable browsing experience.

User Experience

Our extensions comes with top ui designs to give you a seamless user experience.


Enough doing boring stuffs all day. Our extensions comes with automation.So Task within seconds.

Exclusive Extension Collection

Here's Our most capable extension collection. First you have to be a member and then you can add and use without pain.

Fiverr Mate

Fiverr Mate

Fiverr SEO Automation Tool

A Chrome extension offers stats to boost your Fiverr gig's visibility, even for new sellers, with accurate data Fiverr doesn't disclose. Install Fiverr Mate now to gain an edge.

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Is it safe to make payments on your website?

Are your Chrome extensions safe to use?

Will your extensions slow down my computer or browser?

Do your extensions work on all versions of Chrome?

Do I need any technical knowledge to use your extensions?

Can I request a feature or customization for your extensions?

Are your extensions and services compliant with Google's policies?

What payment methods do you accept?

Will your extensions work on other web browsers?

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